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The goal of the teachers at Scott Halsey's Kenpo Karate is to help students develop self-confidence, discipline and respect for self and others. Through self-defense training, students acquire the skills that allow them to feel good about themselves, and are useful in times of need. Martial arts allow people to be confident without the need to bully or belittle others. Ultimately, the karate student is a strong and capable person who is a help to those around them in many ways.

Students at Scott Halsey's Kenpo Karate range in age from three to sixty. Every student comes in with a different agenda. The youngest students may have parents with interests in having their children learn basic skills such as taking instruction from teachers and spatial awareness. Elementary school age students may be interested in learning skills to be like their favorite Martial Arts hero. Young and older adults may be looking for self-defense skills as well as a fun way to stay in shape.

Whatever your reasons, Scott Halsey's Kenpo Karate offers a full staff of highly qualified instructors ready to help each student achieve their individual goals and needs.
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