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Scott Halsey's Kenpo Karate

Augment your Kenpo Training with this series of DVD’s from Senior Professor Scott Halsey. The Kenpo Karate techniques created by Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker are explained and demonstrated by Mr. Halsey to help you advance your martial arts studies. See the techniques, forms and sets from multiple angles, including a mirror image perspective, to provide a thorough understanding of this martial art.

There are six DVDs available for individual purchase, or you may purchase the entire set. Here are a couple of examples from Scott Halsey's Kenpo Karate - Blue Belt DVD:

All Sales Are Final - No Refunds

Yellow Belt DVD

Yellow Belt Techniques, Short Form 1 (right side), and the Star Block (Blocking Set)

Yellow Belt Techniques include:
Delayed Sword  |  Alternating Mace
Sword of Destrcution  |  Deflecting Hammer
Captured Twigs  |  The Grasp
Checking the Storm  |  Mace of Aggression
Attacking Mace  |  Sword and Hammer

Orange Belt DVD

Orange Belt Techniques, Short Form 1 (right and left side)

Orange Belt Techniques include:
Clutching Feathers  |  Crossing Talon  |  Dance of Death
Five Swoards  |  Gift of Destruction  |  Glancing Salute
Grip of Death  |  Locked Wing  |  Locking Horns
Lone Kimono  |  Scraping Hoofs  |  Shielding Hammer
Striking Serpents Head  |  Thrusting Salute
Triggered Salute

Purple Belt DVD

Purple Belt Techniques, Short Form 2

Purple Belt Techniques include:
Obscure Wing  |  Reversing Mace
Buckling Branch  |  Thrusting Prongs  |  Twisted Twig
Obscure Sword  |  Repeating Mace  |  Raining Claw
Crashing Wings  |  Twirling Wings  |  Snapping Twig
Leaping Crane  |  Crushing Hammer  |  Captured Leaves
Evading the Storm

Blue Belt DVD

Blue Belt Techniques, Long Form 1

Blue Belt Techniques include:
Charging Ram  |  Parting Wings
Swinging Pendulum  |  Thundering Hammers
Squeezing the Peach  |  Circling Wing
Calming the Storm  |  Darting Mace
Shield and Sword  |  Gift in Return
Bow of Compulsion  |  Obstructing the Storm
Cross of Destruction  |  Begging Hands
Flashing Wings

Green Belt DVD

Green Belt Techniques, Long Form 2, Short Form 3

Green Belt Techniques include:
Twin Kimono  |  Hooking Wings
Sleeper  |  Spiraling Twig
Flight to Freedom  |  Repeated Devastation
Entangled Wing  |  Defying the Storm
Raking Mace  |  Thrusting Wedge
Shield and Mace  |  Tripping Arrow
Fallen Cross  |  Returning Storm
Crossed Twigs

Brown Belt DVD

Brown Belt Techniques, Long Form 3

Brown Belt Techniques include:
Flashing Mace  |  Hugging Pendulum
Wings of Silk  |  Gathering Clouds  |  Gripping Talon
Snaking Talon  |  Circling the Horizon
Retreating Pendulum  |  Gift of Destiny  |  Destructive Twins
Broken Ram  |  Twist of Fate  |  Circling Destruction
Squatting Sacrifice  |  Escape from Death
Obsucre Claws  |  Circles of Protection  |  Heavenly Ascent