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Biography of Mr. Scott Halsey
Mr. Halsey has been training in Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate for over 30 years, and has owned his Karate school for 25 years. Mr. Halsey tested for his black belt in front of Mr. Parker at the age of 16, and has since been promoted to 7th degree black belt by his instructor, Mr. Richard "Huk" Planas (a 10th degree black belt and Grand Master in Kenpo Karate). Mr. Halsey has also earned Mr. Planas' signature "patch", which has only been given out to a handful of people worldwide.

Mr. Halsey has also competed in and won numerous tournaments all over the country, including placing first several times in both forms and fighting at Ed Parker's Long Beach International Karate Championships. Most recently, Mr. Halsey won the Kata Grand Champion at the Boston IKC's, he placed 1st in Kata and 2nd in fighting at Ted Tabura's Festival of the Kings in Maui, HI, and he was Kata Grand Champion and 1st runner up to Grand Champion in fighting at the Long Beach International Karate Championships.
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